Conversation Management

Blitz’s conversation management tools make chatting with your team a breeze, helping everyone stay organized and connected! 

Business Management

Blitz’s business management tools streamline your operations, making it easier to manage projects and boost your team’s efficiency.

Home Services

Blitz’s extensive toolset is an all in one place for the home service provider.


Streamline your legal office and empower your staff and clients with industry leading software.

Health & Beauty

Use our impressive technology to stand out from the crowd while increasing business and revenue.  

Bye-Bye Excel Spreadsheet Hello CRM!

An easy-to-use CRM eliminates the frustration of organizing all of your contact information. 

a computer, phone, and tablet all displaying a web application
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Stop using Quickbooks as your CRM

No more Post Its, No More frantically searching emails or texts for conversations and reminders.

Emails, Texts, Notes, Tasks, Appointments, are all in your contact record.

Search, Filter, Tags, Track payments and contacts in one central view.

Access records on the go with our mobile app.


Valuable Information Stored in One Spot

Stored historical data so that anyone on your team can provide exceptional customer service.

Grow your revenue by continuing to nuture your current contacts.

Unlimited custom fields to match your business.


Eliminate The Confusion

No more stacks of paper or sticky notes with tasks to be completed. Assign tasks to your contact record and let it send you a reminder.

Review customer activity all in place. Everything from email coorespondence, SMS messages, Website Chats, payment information and scheduled appointments.

Store documents with the customer contact record with ease. Never go searching for documents again.


Manage Sales Efforts With Ease!

Easily assign ownership of contacts to members of your sales team.

Import contacts from events with ease.

Track opportunities and view revenue in one comprehensive reporting system.

Unmatched, Unlimited, Amazing, 24x7 Support

Get Support , Help , Guidance For Every Stage Of Your Business

We’re not just a software company. With extensive marketing roots (15+ years), we decided to branch out and provide software that works. So, we can help with not only how the software works but also how to use it effectively! Our Customer Care Team offers unmatched and unlimited 24×7 support. 

CRM Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Manually Input Each Customer
Implimentation Made Easy

Most of your customers or prospects will enter your CRM either by your website form or website chat. Most of your needed information will be gathered by these tools and placed in the contact's record. You can also import a CSV file of your contacts which is the most common type of file provided.

Can I upload my contacts in Bulk
Bulk Uploading Made Easy

Yes, you can import your existing contacts in bulk. Uploading a CSV file has never been easier and neither has mapping the information so that it is placed in the proper fields of your CRM. 

Can I Organzie Customers Based Off Of Certain Criteria
The Answer is Yes

You can sort clients into Smart Lists. You can filter them by assigned owner, tags, activity, etc. 

What happens to my data if I want to cancel?

Your contact data is yours.  If you decide to cancel, you can export your data at any time.