Conversation Management

Blitz’s conversation management tools make chatting with your team a breeze, helping everyone stay organized and connected! 

Business Management

Blitz’s business management tools streamline your operations, making it easier to manage projects and boost your team’s efficiency.

Home Services

Blitz’s extensive toolset is an all in one place for the home service provider.


Streamline your legal office and empower your staff and clients with industry leading software.

Health & Beauty

Use our impressive technology to stand out from the crowd while increasing business and revenue.  

Stay On Top of Your Opportunities and Measure Revenue

Link contacts to opportunities and stay in control of your company’s revenue.  Opportunities track deals that are making your company money.  

a laptop with a screen displaying a dashboard
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On the Go or on the Web, Track Deals Like a Pro.

Opportunities are managed in pipelines.

Pipelines can be customized to meet the needs of your business.

Customizable deal stages in pipelines, deal cards and display ensure flexibility to meet your sales team needs.


Bucket Deals into Stages and get Pinpoint Accuracy on How Your Business is Doing

Stages in a pipeline are like coffee stations in an office: everyone visits, but it's the final cup that really wakes up the business!

Drag and drop on the web capable.

Stages are completely customizable to meet your business requirements.

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Know Where Your Deals Are At All Times , Like A Pro

Track Open, Won & Lost Deals.

See where everything is in one place in real time.

Drag and drop for easy, intuitive and quick management.


You're Going To Be AWESOME With Blitz

See Everything in One Place

Blitz's opportunity section lets you see every step of your sales process clearly. This helps your sales team know exactly what to do next with each customer, helping you stay organized and focused.

Automate Routine Tasks

With Blitz, you can set up automatic reminders and emails that help you keep in touch with customers without having to do everything manually. This saves you time, so you can focus more on selling and less on the busy work.

Better Predictions and Plans

Blitz gives you powerful tools to track how well your sales are doing and predict future sales. This means you can better understand what's working, plan smarter, and keep improving your sales strategies.

Unmatched, Unlimited, Amazing, 24x7 Support

Get Support , Help , Guidance For Every Stage Of Your Business

We’re not just a software company. With extensive marketing roots (15+ years), we decided to branch out and provide software that works. So, we can help with not only how the software works but also how to use it effectively! Our Customer Care Team offers unmatched and unlimited 24×7 support. 

Deal Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

What is an opportunity in a CRM system?
What is an opportunity in a CRM system?

An opportunity in a CRM system refers to a sales prospect or deal that has been qualified as likely to convert into a customer, representing a potential revenue source for the company.

How do you track opportunities in a CRM?
How do you track opportunities in a CRM?

Opportunities are tracked in a CRM by logging interactions, updating status stages, forecasting revenue, and assigning tasks to team members to ensure the deal moves forward efficiently.

What are the benefits of managing opportunities in a CRM?
What are the benefits of managing opportunities in a CRM?

Managing opportunities in a CRM helps in organizing and prioritizing sales efforts, improving accuracy in sales forecasting, and increasing the overall conversion rate by providing a structured approach to handling potential deals.

How can CRM analytics improve the management of opportunities?
How can CRM analytics improve the management of opportunities?

CRM analytics can provide insights into sales trends, opportunity win rates, and individual performance metrics, enabling businesses to refine their sales strategies, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales processes.