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Blitz’s conversation management tools make chatting with your team a breeze, helping everyone stay organized and connected! 

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Blitz’s business management tools streamline your operations, making it easier to manage projects and boost your team’s efficiency.

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Blitz’s extensive toolset is an all in one place for the home service provider.


Streamline your legal office and empower your staff and clients with industry leading software.

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Use our impressive technology to stand out from the crowd while increasing business and revenue.  

Tell The World Who You Are With Our Direct YEXT Integration

Synchronized directory listings through Yext are crucial for small businesses, ensuring accurate and consistent business information across all online platforms, which boosts visibility and credibility with customers.

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Enter In One Place, Sync to Hundreds.

Synchronizing your business information across various directories ensures that your business is accurately represented wherever potential customers might find you, enhancing your overall online presence and visibility.

Accurate and consistent listings across multiple platforms enhance your business's credibility. Customers are more likely to trust a business that presents itself consistently and professionally online.


Customer Experience = Customer Satisfaction

Easily sync your business hours, contact information and location from one easy place.

When someone searches for you, they will always find accurate information.

The Blitz-Yext integration supports real-time updates, meaning any change made in Blitz is instantly reflected across all directories Yext covers. This is critical for maintaining accuracy, especially for dynamic information like opening hours or temporary closures.

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Local SEO - Improvements - Like A Pro

When your listings are accurate and in sync, your SEO is improved.

By synchronizing updated business information through Yext, Blitz helps improve a business’s local search engine optimization, boosting visibility in local search results and driving more organic traffic.

Improve local search results and ensure you are on the top with updated information.


Streamline your management with our Exclusive Direct Integration

Easily manage and update your listings through Blitz and streamline the process of ensuring all information across platforms are consistent and accurate.

Blitz provides businesses with consolidated analytics, allowing them to see the impact of their directory listings on their overall marketing efforts. Monitoring performance across different directories helps in fine-tuning marketing strategies and optimizing customer outreach.

Stand out from your competitors with our direct Google integration.

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We’re not just a software company. With extensive marketing roots (15+ years), we decided to branch out and provide software that works. So, we can help with not only how the software works but also how to use it effectively! Our Customer Care Team offers unmatched and unlimited 24×7 support. 

YEXT Local Business Integration
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yext integration in Blitz?
What is the Yext integration in Blitz?

The Yext integration in Blitz allows users to manage their business listings, reviews, and local SEO directly through the Blitz platform. By connecting Yext with Blitz, businesses can ensure accurate and consistent information across multiple directories and review sites, enhancing their online presence and local search rankings.

Can I manage all my Yext features from the Blitz interface?
Can I manage all my Yext features from the Blitz interface?

Yes, once integrated, you can manage many of your Yext features directly from the Blitz interface. This includes updating business information, responding to reviews, and viewing analytics related to your listings. Some advanced features might still require direct access to Yext, depending on the level of integration provided.

What are the benefits of integrating Yext with Blitz?
What are the benefits of integrating Yext with Blitz?
  • Centralized Management: Manage your local SEO and customer interactions from a single platform.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Automatically update your business information across multiple platforms to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • Streamlined Processes: Save time and reduce errors by managing listings and reviews through automated workflows in Blitz.
  • Improved Analytics: Access combined analytics from Blitz and Yext to gain deeper insights into your business performance and customer engagement.