Conversation Management

Blitz’s conversation management tools make chatting with your team a breeze, helping everyone stay organized and connected! 

Business Management

Blitz’s business management tools streamline your operations, making it easier to manage projects and boost your team’s efficiency.

Home Services

Blitz’s extensive toolset is an all in one place for the home service provider.


Streamline your legal office and empower your staff and clients with industry leading software.

Health & Beauty

Use our impressive technology to stand out from the crowd while increasing business and revenue.  

Phone Calls and SMS Messages in One Place

Manage your customers’ phone calls and SMS messages in one place – your CRM. 

a computer, phone, and tablet all displaying a web application
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Manage Your Calls Through Your CRM

No need to use your personal cell phone number to reach your customers. You can call them from your CRM.

Calls placed using your CRM will be recorded in their activity for future reference.

Incoming calls will be placed withing the contact record for reference.


Send SMS - Text Messages From Your CRM

Send SMS (Text) Messages to your customers from the comfort of their contact record.

All SMS messages used within the CRM are recorded for future access.

SMS Messages used through the mobile app are also recorded in the CRM.

a laptop and a cell phone sitting next to each other


One Inbox To Manage Your Communications

Whether you place texts or calls through the CRM or the mobile app, it all shows up in one central location.

Place calls using the mobile app, instead of your personal cell.

Unmatched, Unlimited, Amazing, 24x7 Support

Get Support , Help , Guidance For Every Stage Of Your Business

We’re not just a software company. With extensive marketing roots (15+ years), we decided to branch out and provide software that works. So, we can help with not only how the software works but also how to use it effectively! Our Customer Care Team offers unmatched and unlimited 24×7 support. 

Voice & SMS
Frequently Asked Questions

Centeral Inbox
Manage Communications From One Central Inbox

No need to jump to different platforms for your voice and SMS messages, when you can manage it all through one central inbox. 

Protect Your Privacy
You Don't Need To Give Out Your Personal Number

Keep your personal and business numbers seperate by managing SMS and Phone Calls through our CRM while managing it through one central inbox. 

Do I Get Notifications

Yes you will get notifications when customers reply via SMS. These notifications come through the mobile app automatically and you can set email and text notifications as well. How you are notified is up to you. 

24/7 Support

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we never stop providing the support and customer service you need.